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Worst was when my parents didn’t support me to get out of toxic marriage. Totally alone!

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My marriage changed my life completely for me. 

My food wasn't liked and I would be said that I am not good. 

My dressing sense would be criticized. 

My husband was a complete mama's boy. He didn't even talk to me. He was either out of the home, whole day or would come and sit with his family. His only relationship with me was when he wanted it. 

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law would randomly keep telling me what was lacking in me. 

If I would listen to music while cooking, my mother-in-law stopped me from doing that... 

I was really educated but no one gave me any respect for that. 


If I was feeling bad, no one bothered. 

That home was really unimaginably lonely, attacking, indifferent and inhuman towards me. 

I was shocked where did I land after marriage. As a girl, I was used to caring, someone making things for me or liking my efforts, talking to me. 


I spoke to my parents... It had been months and months and my health, happiness was deteriorating. My self-esteem was broken. I wanted my parents to come, show them I have them and take me back home... I didn't want to live in a place like this...

But what I didn't expect was my parent's indifference... They spoke nicely to me but then said, that is your home... We can come and talk to them once but you have to live there only... Tomorrow your brother will also get married. Who will see you here?

I was heartbroken at their behavior. For the marriage of my brother that may happen sometime later, they were asking me to keep suffering and adjusting. 

As though MY HURT DIDNT MATTER TO THEM.. . All the love was gone for me? I WAS ALONE IN LIFE? 


I didn't know what to do now... I was not even doing a job and right now I wouldn't even get one. I was broken, stuck.. 

Does everyone want me to die? These were the thoughts i lived with... It was a mental and a real hell... After all that day i realized, how tough it is to be a woman.

I booked IWill therapy sessions... And I just cried and cried and shared and spoke how uncomfortable and scared I was of my life. I wanted to escape. 

In therapy, my therapist assured me that I will be fine... She empathized, listened, gave me the confidence to look good, to work on myself, to feel healthy, to make friends... She said the first thing I needed to do right now is make myself strong and make myself alive even if I was at my inlaws... 

She motivated me and helped me see how I wasn't alone... I had myself...She encouraged to focus on getting a job, I started applying, asking friends around for help... And in 3 months,

I found a work-from-home job... I also started asserting, standing up for my rights... And also made sure I speak to my husband and don't let his behavior go unnoticed. 

Within 6-7 months, despite still being alone, I made tremendous progress in my life and difference.

With changes in me, my husband too started changing and giving me attention and also asking others to stop bothering me... I am much happier and I am independent... TOMORROW EVEN IF I HAVE TO, I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF ALONE AND STILL SURVIVE WELL..

This is my story and I wanted to share it with all ladies who have parents who don't support and inlaws are toxic and they feel stuck, they feel they have no emotional or financial support. But you have yourself and that is all that we all really need...

Karma will look after those who hurt you.. You just take care of yourself

Jyoti Rastogi

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