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Yes I am changed because my old version was too weak. You broke it. Try breaking me now! It will break you

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No sorry I don't want to receive any communication from you. I don't want to be friends with you. You chose a side. Now be there.

Plot against me, do whatever but I will not let you hurt me, run over me and then give you the power to pretend like all is ok, maintain contact and keep messing me over.

Oh yes I don't even a home. I am not as rich yet. But I am hardworking, I am focussed on my goals. I don't have to ask for i

Other's permission to pursue my dreams. I am happy. Try your luck by bringing someone down to feel good about yourself, elsewhere!

No I don't think you can talk to me like that. I have a lot of self respect for myself. You may think it's OK to bring me down. But its not ok for me and I won't allow or anyone like you to do this to me.

No one can break me now.

I am not ashamed of lies, rumors, mud they throw at me.

I am not ashamed of my struggles.

I wasn't always like this. A person of high emotion and ambition, I wanted to do the best but also be always good to people, even if they were toxic to me

People would use me and then leave me at my weak moments and further attack me because of jealousy, insecurity.

I would always be so scared of losing my face and people would constantly make me worried that they would do this or that to me.

Always telling me that they would leave me.

Whenever I would face a setback, I would receive insults and always discouragement that would only break me further.

Most of my days went in fear, crying, taking toxic attacks, allowing people to come and run over me and my life and it kept on and on.

I joined IWill therapy and it was here that my therapist helped me see what patterns I needed to break.

I need to put myself first and those people first who genuinely loved me and rooted for me

For crying for people, being scared, losing myself, I was not only compromising my future self, but myself and breaking somewhere people who were there, right there wanting to see me succeed, support me and also I needed to give them happiness.

She helped me learn to be less afraid. She helped me learn to set boundaries. Someone who exited my life, had no reason to be shadowing back to harrow me. I had every right to cut them off completely.

Yes I was a nice person but that niceness also needed to extend to me. If people come and make me feel little about myself, I had every right to defend myself and nicely but with full conviction, show them a mirror too.

She also helped me with these things learn to be ok with fears, with uncertainties. Nothing, no worse outcome was the end of the world. Everything was a so what, if I was ready to do and focus on today.

She stood with me through these conversations, helped me gain my career back and my grit.

I am now a force and the more I am seeing people in their true colors, the more this force is growing.

I am glad I took IWill therapy. I am glad I shed my weaknesses.

I am glad I love the right people, including myself.

am glad I am not scared of any smear stuff.

I am glad to be myself again.

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