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Yes I married a divorced woman with a daughter. It's the best decision I made. I love my family 

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I met Priyanshi, my wife and my love of life and through her and because of her I met and got my daughter.

I am a 33 year old man who met Priyanshi, a mother of a beautiful 5 year old girl and was now divorced from her ex-husband.

She had been in a toxic marriage, was never given the love a woman deserves. She was made to leave her job, her personality and was expected to become nothing. Nothing, literally no one with a personality, just someone who keeps doing what they like, attend to their narcissistic agendas and never have her husband.

She took therapy at IWIll and soon got the courage to rebuild her life. She started working and eventually decided she deserved herself, to be herself and took a divorce.

When I met her, it was 2 years to her divorce. And she was working, doing everything right to raise her daughter but somewhere broken in her heart. She and I met through a common friend and I instantly could connect with the person she was. And I loved her daughter, an angel, a sweetheart.

I don't know why but I wanted to be their family, I wanted to be their to protect them, to restore the person mu current wife could be, glimpses of which I saw each and every day. 

I proposed to her. She was first shocked at hell. And then she we started talking out. And she asked if I could take care of her daughter, was this attraction or did he really love me... she had a lot of fears. She had been so scarred and left alone and betrayed in her previous marriage that nothing would convince her.

But I was serious. I wanted to be their family... I joined iwill therapy with her. We did pre-relationship and marital counseling... it helped me come to terms with her traumas, see the real pain and also thereby more wanting to be with my to be daughter and wife.

We finally decided to get married. My family few had reservations but I am no weak man. Today it's been 6 months of me having a beautiful daughter and wife.

I am blessed. I am happy. I am so full of life. My wife loves me and we together love our daughter.

Yesterday my daughter said " I am the real superman of her life"

The best best thing I have ever heard. I am grateful for their presence. 

This is the best decision I made for myself and for our family.

Seeing Priyanshi smile and my daughter Geena laugh, is the most beautiful sight I could ever have.

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