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You cant impress people who dislike you or are insecure. Dont spoil your mental health

Sanjana Togadia

I do so much for them, they still ignore me! What’s wrong with me?

They still praise everyone else. I have so many faults. What’s wrong with me?

I take care of everyone’s emotions and they are always judging me or blaming me. What’s wrong with me?

They never are happy for me! What’s wrong with me?

I am never doing enough sacrifices. Someone is always better. What’s wrong with me?

What’s wrong with me?

This question had destroyed my mental health and so had my overcompensating and doing things to please people who were never impressed me!

The more I did; the more I was compared. I was always under appreciated. I was also bullied. The more I displayed that I could be controlled, the more my freedom would be taken away!

And I reached a point where I had no feeling of love and affection, no feeling of appreciation, no empathy, no equality, only resentment towards me, a sense of disbelief in me, and a need for escape and do nothing, just end my story, never show up again!

It was someone who recommended IWill therapy to me!

And it was in therapy I could see my worth. That other's approvals didn’t define me! That someone who disliked me would continue to do so if it’s their wish and I couldn’t be breaking myself for it!

I learned to know that there was nothing wrong with me!

I didn’t have to erase my self-worth to gain someone’s love. The one who wanted this never loved me in the first place!

Those who compared to Belittle me, i never should have given the power to them! Who are they to judge me!

Their insecurity masks them to see good in me. I don’t owe them anything, any explanation! I only owe myself an apology!

Today I am strong. I live with same people but on my terms. I do things still for them but I do things for myself too! I don’t allow them to compare myself to anyone!

My mental health is now my priority. I have a good job. I am fit. And most importantly I have my peace! Losing people, gaining your peace, means you never lost anyone!


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