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You don’t have to apologize for being yourself

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You are so loud.
You made so many mistakes.
You are not loan free yet?
Your father sold his home for your business How sad.
You really get so sensitive suddenly. That’s very weak.

Have you been broken beyond repair because someone around you has made you feel that you have done too many mistakes, that you are somehow incapable, unneeded, a problem, not acceptable as you are!

And has this broken your confidence, your happiness?  Does it make you feel like you are an alien in their space? Does it bring in anger and humiliation in you?

If yes then it’s not your fault.
You are not meant to apologize to others for being yourself. Yes we all need to improve, to learn but bullying, stopping someone from being themselves or making them ashamed of their choices which were not bad, which were done for growth, is not ok!

If this is you and if you feel really pained, unable to be happy, ridden with self-doubt, seek therapy at IWill. Talk it out: help a therapist help you learn the right steps needed, learn how to be yourself, how to assert and not bring your self-esteem down due to other’s opinions...

Assert for yourself. Be yourself . You don’t have to apologise for your choices, stop hurting yourself bassi others’ opinions stop thinking all the blame lies with you. Because it doesn’t!
You deserve to be yourself, you deserve to accept your mistakes as everyone does them and grows from these. You deserve to be loved ! You deserve to laugh the way you like and cry when hurt! Your sensitive side is a gift, you need not apologize for being yourself from anyone!


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