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You need a Serving daughter-in-law, not your son’s wife. This broke me 


What does a girl think when she gets married? What did I think?

I thought I am getting my companion.
A man I will raise my family with.
A man who will be there with me in my thick and thin.
A man who would love me like no one has loved me.
A man who would be there when life feels meaningless and painful.
Finding all the love and companionship and having someone who will be so special to me...

What did I get and was expected to do
Instead, when I reached my husband's home, everyone expected me to just serve everyone.
Just please and massage people’s egos!
Have no personal life and wake up as they want me to, socialize, and have no personal space or goals.
Be ok with sarcasm.
Forget my parents or my needs.
Just prove myself on the standards of being a daughter-in-law without having any relationship with my husband or spouse.

This role conflict completely broke me!

I wasn’t here to be a maid or to not have my emotions respected.

*I was blocked from being his wife... If I spoke to him, everyone would have a problem !
*My husband would be expected to ignore me all the time! *

I had to join IWill therapy because I felt stuck!
I felt completely broken to be in an environment where I was treated so poorly when I had expected the world of happiness!

I and my husband joined IWill therapy.

I started therapy first but IWill always try to also ensure that the family who is part, gets involved.

She helped my husband see what I was out through, how I was broken... and how I was here to be his wife... not to be a traumatized individual who is here just to show how less she is...

My husband changed a lot and when he started standing up for me, things just got so much better..

*Because I was here to be his wife first...  every other relationship came after that and that too needed to be of respect, of mutual love, not abuse...

So many women are broken because of this role conflict! And its not ok! 

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