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You need to take small steps consistently to cover large life gaps and pain

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You need to take small steps consistently to cover large life gaps and pain

Sometimes when a person has lost something significant or has faced major challenges, it looks like there is no point of return. That life will be unhappy now..

Situations like
Loss in career
Lost years to a bad relationship
Stuck with a bit of everything in life
Someone’s loss

All these situations can completely unsettle a person and make them want miracles.

That is because it’s hard to live with challenges that great. It almost feels like everything is ending.

The person doesn’t feel like doing anything because it all looks pointless.

Here is where the importance of small steps comes in.

You need to prepare yourself and push yourself in taking small steps towards a solution, towards making your life better!

The proven thing is small consistent steps always help, it takes time but you can have your lost career, your years lost in a relationship lead to a greater life now, if you take small steps in the direction of your career, your happiness!

Your financial situation will improve in due course if you take the steps that are small but with perseverance.

Why do small steps help and how to continue taking them ? 

1. Crisis too usually is pushed bit by bit. Similarly, a solution takes time in realizing. Going bit by bit in solving your life’s challenges initially may look like too small efforts with no results but suddenly they would give results and your life would change so continue. 

2. Wear blinkers on:- how much someone else is succeeding, how happy their life is, these are things you need not worry about when you are coming out of a crisis and making your life in the direction you want to. You will get there and who knows maybe ahead. But the only way for this to happen is for you to be focused and forward-looking and not comparing. 

3. Take care of your Emotional health:  you can only be consistent in something if you feel emotionally fine and healthy. So it’s important to heal trauma, to speak about it, to seek therapy and help, and work step by step on this. This is the energy you would need to drive you to happiness! So please if you feel too pained, hurt, traumatized, riddled with self-doubt, and deep-seated anxiety and pain, work on it alongside! Or else persistence would be very tough. Continuing your momentum and continuing taking action would look impossible!

4. Mentally have a goal and plan your small steps to it. We can only win a race if we know the endpoint to reach it. Wandering aimlessly in small steps in any direction would not make you win it. Hence focus on this aspect of having a plan, working on a goal, and achieving it. 

Small steps are hugely beneficial. Just take that steps, heal, seek therapy for the trauma but don’t let lost Hope stop you from doing the right thing.

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