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Your actions can impact someones mental health negatively

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We don’t live under the rock.
Just like physical health gets impacted due to the environment we are in, mental health gets impacted due to the emotional and social environment around us!

People around us, their behavior and actions for us, impact our mental health either for good or bad, either for growth or failure, either for happiness or sadness.

These 5 behaviors of a loved one can impact a person’s mental health negatively and cause a lot of damage!

1. Isolating your loved one

In therapy, a lot of people struggling with depression have faced isolation by a close loved one!
A person needs care, love to feel healthy. A big motivation to do good in life comes from someone’s affection for you!

When a loved one due to insecurities of others, or due to a misunderstanding or competing needs, withdraws affection, it causes long term issues with the person facing it. The happiness goes away, the laughter becomes limited and the mood gets upset! No one likes to be treated badly and when this isolation continues, it does cause depression many times! In therapy at IWill, our goal is not only to heal this person but also if possible through family or couple therapy, to help the partner/family realize the impact their isolation is having!


2. Blaming or belittling your loved one 

Comparing your loved one constantly with others, telling them how they lack, how they are not as good, it doesn’t motivate them, it breaks them! Sooner or later, they give up trying thinking they are just not worth it! The person learns their worth usually from the environment and if they are constantly told they are less worthy, they will learn it! 


3. Disrespecting them and their value system 

They may have different experiences, different ways of thinking. They could be opinionated, they could want to have a voice but many times people around a person disrespect that, they make them feel little or like they don’t have the right to be! Their choices and place is disrespected, making them lose their happiness! 


4. Leaving them alone emotionally at a critical point 

Sometimes your loved one needs you more. They may be anxious due to some tough situation. Something may have been off with their health, something at career could have been going wrong. This is the time they need a loved one to stand shoulder to shoulder! In case that support is missing, the person feels empty, more choked, more unfair! The mental health gets deeper. More than one front now looks damaged!


5. Blaming them for your failures or condition 

You didn’t do this hence I lost!

You kept fighting hence I have all these problems!

I couldn’t get a promotion because the home environment sucks!

I am never happy because of you! 


If this is happening to you, and your mental health is damaged, seek help at IWill.


 Let us help you get past the hurt, the pain despite what is around you! Therapy can do that!

And if you are a loved one, who could see that your behavior checks one or many of the above boxes, your goal then is to understand and stop this behavior! It will be a process and so join therapy with your loved one to step by step change! 

Your loved one and you deserve a better relationship and a happy joint space 

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