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Your daughter deserves respect in her husband’s home. Why hypocrisy and denial for me?

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Feelings for own daughter 

My daughter’s things need to be there as it is. I never want to feel she is gone and this is not her home.

I am so glad my daughter and her husband are going to Paris... they needed this break.

My son-in-law loves me so much. He says I have gotten my other mother... he does so much for me, buys the best of things for me. I am glad we have this bond!

My daughter was so unwell. I feel so bad for her... She needs complete care... I’ll ask her husband.

My daughter is the purest heart. If anyone is bad for her then they are the problem.

I want my daughter to be the happiest. She needs break, she needs care, she needs love, she is so good. Her husband loves her the most and that’s how it should be. No one bigger than life partner

Feelings & Attitude towards Me 

Yet the same person ruined my life.
They were so insecure about me.
My husband was always made to feel horrible for giving me time.

My husband was given taanas that he is forgetting his mom, his mom will be unhappy with us because he gives me time...

If my parents came, they were treated like outsiders, and my husband was expected to stay formal with them.

If I was unwell, I was weak, not as strong. If I wanted my space or to be myself, I was the most disappointing daughter in law 

I was treated cruelly.
My tears pained no one
My isolation and my abandonment by my husband, was enjoyed by others
I was bullied and my voice quashed

I was in therapy at IWill. And my husband joined too

Therapist at IWill helped him see what was done to me, how broken I was, how unfair was it to be targeted, isolated, and unloved by my own husband!

He understood how much had this harmed me!
How his fear of his family, was going to destroy me!
I was depressed and that was because of abuse!

He changed. He stood by, he started doing what his heart said and that was to take care of me!

My life has changed completely now but I wanted to call this hypocrisy that exists!
Your son-in-law is someone’s son!
Your daughter-in-law is someone’s daughter!

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