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Your hypocrisy & bad treatment will one day haunt you. I am STRONGER now

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Some people in my life

Treated me secondary
Wanted me to be alone and unhappy while they have everyone around them treating them like kings and queens!
Made me feel less talented, attacked me being bullies while I never had the kind of personality. It left me numb, self-doubting, and really humiliated!
These people never left an opportunity to make me feel like I didn’t matter, that I was less!
They never were happy for me but always made sure when I had something to feel bad about, they would make me feel worse

I was broken, angry and I wanted to just stop existing! I felt so low, so hurt, so manipulated against, that I felt like I could never come out.
That I was WEAK, now stuck with people who would destroy me because it’s their power, and I am too simple for them!

I joined IWill therapy... I was so depressed, anxious, hurt, restless and angry, and completely in intolerable pain at the time!

The therapist helped me feel myself again, therapist helped me understand how their motives were to break me because maybe they were threatened or could be anything but I had to rise above!

She helped me do things that made me happy, assert, speak for myself!  I learnt to prioritize myself! Soon some of the people around could also notice their negativity. Since I was focused on my journey, and not bothering anyone! Everyone could see eventually who was fake or not! Yes, they still remained close to the same manipulators but they had mended their ways with me!

I don’t take bullying! I stand up and fight back! I focus on my career and not let them attack me and hurt me!

I am out but Karma will hit them one day, for having double standards, for breaking me! Karma will see to it that they can understand how much damage they did to me... whether it does or it doesn’t I don’t care!

My success, happiness will be the pain I guess... I will never forget how much secondary, hypocritical you treated me! I will never allow that hurt to happen to me again!

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