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Your wife is not here to be compared or fight for your love. Don’t impact her mental health

IWill expert

The fact that she has to compete with others for your time, the fact that you are made to feel like you are wrong if you give her time, the fact that you are not supposed to express love for her closer to or more than anyone, shows all of this wrong!

She is attached directly to you, wedded to you. You are her partner for life. Your relationship should be one of the strongest. Given this is a bond for life and new, she needs more time than less.

Why should she then constantly have to be shown like she has no right on you!

This is abuse, emotional torture. Imagine if you are promised companionship, if your wife, she stops giving you attention, constantly makes you feel you are less than others in her family, will you be able to take this? 

Will, it not hurt you to be treated like that. Why this need for comparison? Why this need for breaking another person who you should be building?

Why giving pain to someone who you should be loving?

Everyone has their own place and by being insecure, the place of wife in someone’s life won’t go. 

Everyone has their respect, your wife has too. You can’t allow her to be broken for your love... she should have to fight no one for your time. You both need to make each other feel secure, and not the other way. 

You both need to be spending time, not shying away... 

No one else will and should control your dynamics, else her mental health and yours too will remain impacted... life will lose the beauty you both married to bring in life. 

This was our therapist at IWill in one of the sessions highlighting why the way I had been made to feel constantly in competition with others was wrong !!!

My being treated as less important was WRONG and damaging to me... 

The trauma of it I know will take a long time but to go at least therapy is helping me fix my present and unlearn the hurt!!!


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