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I willtherapy.io, India's leading online mental health care provider working round the clock to make professional & world class therapy and counseling service available to my customers at the comfort of their homes/offices or anywhere else by making use of internet based new-age technologies of Video, Audio, Chat and Messages.-A new age mental health and wellness medium that utilizes an audio, video, chat and message interface to deliver counseling/therapy.

Counsellors for mental health solves the Mental health issues and emotional struggles that are more pervasive in our environment than we would like to acknowledge. If we go by statistics, a staggering 20%+ Indians struggle with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety!

But more pressing than the numbers is the concern around the unavailability of depression therapy mental health therapy to these individuals. Inaccessibility to trained psychologists and counsellors, expensive treatments, lack of privacy vis-a-vis family structure, and the social stigma about “going to a mental health doctor” are just some of the stumbling blocks these individuals face leaving them helpless and trapped in a life of extreme, deep-rooted pain which unfortunately may not even be visible.

Recognising these challenges and the importance of timely and affordable help in the field of mental and emotion-al wellbeing, ePsyClinic and iWill, together created a simple but powerful ecosystem of online counselling and online therapy sessions where individuals who need help can interact with trained psychologists and receive online therapy and mental health therapy to build a better life for themselves--all with an understanding of complete re-spect and privacy.

Pioneers in the field of online mental health counselling, ePsyClinic.com was launched in 2015. IWill, the compa-ny's app, was launched in 2018. The platform has round the clock availability of 50+ certified experts, including counsellors and psychologists, who can be contacted by the visitors on the site. These experts are available for online counselling, IWill therapy, chat, video calling as well as telephonic consultation. Our team of therapists are trained to deal with issues on depression, anxiety, couple and marital discord, bipolar disorder, struggles with self esteem, and more.

With a bandwith of counselling over 1000 individuals each day, both the platforms have been able to reach out to more than a million users ever since the launch. But each individual at IWill is treated with complete respect and personalization. Since mental issues are specific so are our therapies.

IWill and ePsyclinic also have the honour of being a trusted mental health partner for various state governments across India, corporates, schools, hospitals and other institutions. The full force of online therapy was recognized during the COVID pandemic where IWill opened its doors, in partnership with organizations, to healthcare work-ers, frontline warriors, working professionals, women and all partners of society who needed help in dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic.

We pride ourselves in the healing of each of our patients and the fact that as a leading portal in the mental health and emotional well being area, we have reached into the farthest corners of the country and the narrowest bylanes of our towns.

Our Mission:
  1. To change lives by creating a secure and sensitive environment where each individual concern is nurtured and dealt with in a professional way that is completely private, non-judgemental and stigma-free.
Our Vision:
  1. To normalise mental health issues as one would a physical health issue. To bring a change where all members of the society understand that each one of us is vulnerable to an emotional or mental health trauma but each one of us also has the option of availing help at the click of our fingers.
  1. It was her own personal war with depression that led Shipra Dawar, Founder, Epsyclinic & IWill, to empathize and personally understand how invasive and totally damaging living with a mental health issue can be for an individu-al. After gaining a perspective into not just the number of patients but also the challenges behind creating physical infrastructure to reach out to each one of them, Dawar took the brave step to enter the field of mental health indus-try via an online platform--an unchartered territory back then in 2015. With her own personal funds, she boot-strapped EpsyClinic towards a gradual but sure-footed launch. An MBA from Australian National University, Dawar also has the unique distinction of being the only entrepre-neur from India to study mental health scaling at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cam-bridge. What keeps her and the spirit of ePsyClinic and IWill in the right place is the belief that healthcare can never be about profiteering at the cost of someone’s well being. For future Dawar aims to remove cynicism and bring a clarity towards the success rate of online therapy and men-tal health counselling. She is also actively working on a model for the app through which even the remotest cor-ners of rural India can have access to high quality mental health therapy.

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