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4 signs you could be going through severe/painful depression

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4 signs you could be going through severe/painful depression

1. You don't feel like sleeping nor waking up is easy.

Severe depression always almost often leads to sleep disturbances. In the night, you could be consumed with thoughts, avoidance of pain by watching videos, feeling guilty and trying to make up for the lost day.

In the morning, everything may seem pointless. You may feel like nothing can be done by you, the plans you made yesterday seem impossible to be achieved today. Since its a rough time also usually, every small negative information would further weigh you down. And it makes mornings just look like impossible to get through. 



2. Your inner soul and self cries, wants to run away and you feel thus burn in the heart.

You are just not happy. Internally you feel broken, you feel like your inner self wants to run away.

Some people describe with depression that they actually imagine their inner self running away out of the car, or the home to find an escape. They feel like it's screaming within them, the soul is just breaking within them.

You feel this continous burn in your heart that makes you feel so drained and so down. It is there fuelled by negative thoughts at the back of the your head 


3. You feel like a failure or in a failed life or both 

You feel like life is not just going to change to good. It all feels like crashing down. You feel like a failure even when you have done a lot of good things but you compare yourself so much and your mind just cannot stop painting a negative picture of you.

You feel broken and completely stuck. Life feels filled with challenges. Challenges that you are tired of facing.


You sometimes cry at a drop of a hat and keep crying and at other times, nothing can make you feel anything. You are numb and cold as ice.

4. You feel no hope, no worth and positive emotions don't last long

You constantly feel attacked often by situation or others.

Hope is something you don't feel. You have to struggle to bring it to you and most of the times you still feel it never happens.

Even if you spend some good moments, their impact doesn't last on you and you go back to feeling pained, hurt and just how you were.

What is worst is that this cycle is persistent. It happens when a lot may have happened over the years, lot may have gone by and you have kept on, now you feel tired and exhausted and at other times a dramatic event can trigger this.

At other times, nothing immediate can be seen or felt but you feel like this anyway.

It could be childhood trauma, it could also be health and genetics.


What should you do if you identified with this?

This is serious.

You don't have to be feeling this way or breaking yourself.

You don't have to be sleepless or affect your health.

Depression is an illness and its causing all this havoc to you, it is convincing you that you are incapable of changing your life and that's not the case.

Yes you are tired but you need to rest the right way.

Yes lot has happened but you need to understand its not all your fault.

Yes lot has gone wrong but many things with you were, are and will be right.

First step is to start IWill therapy today. Don't delay. Depression is an illness.

Loss of happiness, interpersonal relationships, work will only grow if this continues. If this needs to be paused, you need to heal, for healing, you need help, you need care, you need to rethink aspects of your life, you need to speak but also you need to be comforted by a professional who can help you see each thing, each thought, each event in a different light.


Seek therapy. Seek help. Seek support at IWill.

And to loved ones, please be by the person's side. Depression is so tough on anyone. It's especially tough when it's this serious. Don't ignore.dont label. Let them cry, be there for them while they do..make them see the good in them.

You would help them a lot 


Serious depression is unbearable.

But it is completely controllable and you can have complete recovery, have your happiness, love for life and self back. Start today. Don't delay.

The link to app download is below.. start the analysis and get paired to best therapist for you. Sessions will be all online. Each session will be full 50 mins. Usually it takes 10 sessions and each session can be scheduled within. 5-7 days... start help now

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