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As a father-in-law, I want to do justice with my daughter-in-law! She deserves better 


I am a father of a daughter too. And to be very honest, I am tired of seeing hypocrisy in my family! 

My daughter-in-law is a really nice girl, educated, happy and sweet person!

She has ambitions but so does my daughter and my son!

She wants to spend time with my son but that doesn't make her bad or selfish! My wife wanted my time too and we stayed together all life long... My wife wants my daughter to have an extraordinary loving husband. Why should it mean different for my daughter-in-law and son! 


My daughter in law ever since she has come, she is always judged and my son's role out of fear and sheer blind love for his mother had been ignorant!

And I could see how he wants to be with his wife too, but because he has to balance, he is compromising!


I could see my daughter-in-law getting depressed day by day and I could see in her eyes, how to let down she feels of all of us, of her own husband!

I am a father to her... I know how much trust her father and mother had on me when they decided to accept me as their family too. 


I asked my son and my daughter-in-law to join IWill therapy... i thought a therapist would be more objective and better to help them, than me saying things... i don't want to increase their differences... 

BUT I want justice and love to be there with my daughter-in-law...


I have tried to talk to my wife and my daughter several times, but that hasn't made any difference... I have tried to always support my daughter in law but SHE NEEDS HER HUSBAND!

She had her father and parents and she is not here to get my love... She is here to get a partnership, support and understanding of her husband...

I so wish that things change for daughters that come from other's home to us... I wish now with education, hypocrisy ends...

I chose to write today about this because I wanted to share voice of a father in law too. 

I hope therapy helps my son and my daughter in law... I hope my son gets the courage to stand for his wife's respect and not deny her love and insult her on manipulation!

Baldev Raj

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