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Dear husband my parents pampered me even more than sons are. It’s not ok for me to be treated the way I am in your home

Shubhangi Das

How my childhood was?

My career was respected.
My birthdays used to be an event at home.
My voice was valuable.
I was always surrounded by loved ones and if I was sad, people would ask why happens, and they would take care of me...
if I lost in something, they would encourage me..
They would fulfill my wishes and never made me feel like anything was more important than my happiness

When I came to your home

I thought your love will be even more defining for me!
You would take care of me dear husband.

*Your home would have value for my presence, equal treatment & respect.

But in reality

Everyone treated that I was secondary to everyone.
I shouldn’t laugh. I shouldn’t talk to you. I should always feel less than you and everyone.
I should be isolated always made to feel like everyone else has a bond and I am here to witness that and not have my own share of love...

This discrimination is so medieval

I am not here to serve. I was here to love, be myself, and have a partner!
My career, and my choices, are all important...

I have been living in hell. I had so many expectations of being loved by you, getting someone who I can talk to, everything in my heart!

*Having someone who would be there in my pain, pamper me and take care of me! *

I am in therapy because of depression. Social issues are a leading cause of depression and this is what I faced in your house.
I am getting better. I am focusing on myself and standing up for myself, but this pain that came for me was uncalled for. I didn’t ask for depression. I was here to be your wife...

And today I wrote this blog to share what many women like me go through, a home where they were treated so important and then coming to a new environment with dreams but getting only ignorance, discrimination, and depression...
I am not ok with settling for this

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