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Dear son, as a father I want you to own up, become a man and stand up for your wife.

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I heard my daughter in law crying, a 27 years old really young and sweet girl who we are blessed to have as a daughter in law.

From the first day on, her laughter filled the monotony of this home.

She was so loving, raised by parents who loved her so much....intelligent, beautiful and kind, I saw my son had got the best for him.

He was happy too, after all it was a girl he loved and introduced to us.

While I accepted her wholeheartedly, my wife and my daughter had issues. I thought these were momentary issues snd as time passes things will get better, but the more my son looked happy with Shweta, our daughter in law, the more my mother and my daughter got insecure.

I never understood it but it kept getting worse.

Backhanded remarks at my son as how he was now no longer a brother or a son, only a husband.
How Shweta was too childish, people were making fun.

Her fashion was outlandish, she sleeps a lot (when my daughter sleeps more hours than her) that she wants to have only her career and put him at the backseat

And then giving my son cold vibes if he spent time with her.

Ultimately, I could see my son starting to feel this unnecessary pressure to balance, I don't know what because clearly I wasn't missing anything from him.

They stopped going as much out. There was even a fight on who should be sitting at front seat when my son drives and my wife won.

I could hear cries and arguments and pain in Shashank's eyes and complete hopelessness and faithlessness in Shweta's.

I am a retired army officer and I know what a spouse means to you.

Your wife stands till the last. And I wasn't happy at all that in my home, Shweta was breaking everyday.

I randomly came across an article from iwill website on a whatsapp gurugram club group and I felt these guys can help.

I booked a couple session and insisted Shashank and Shweta to start these online sessions.

Naturally they felt a little strange but they listened.

In IWill therapy, I guess they started speaking up. Shweta got to speak her mind may be. I could see Shashank changing. They were having regular sessions is all I knew.

One day my son came up to me and he asked me, dad I want to ask you, did I do wrong with Shweta?

And I said, no you didn't do wrong with her, you were wronged too. Son, you need to man up. You brought Shweta into your life.

She had a loving father, mother, family and she chose you and you chose her.

Man up. You have to stand up. She is being herself.

She is laughing and bringing joy in your life. She has ambitions but so do you.

You loved her for who she is. And that is all that matters.

Tomorrow I may or may not be there but if you two are together, I will never worry for you nor her, and not even for anyone else. I know you both will take care of everyone, if you first take care of her, and she of you.


He hugged me and he said that he exactly felt the same way as he was going through process of iwill therapy and since I booked it for them, he spoke.


Now I see Shashank and Shweta together, always happy, always being with each other, always loving and caring.

He is now a man, finally the man I wanted him to become. A man with work, a woman and a spine!

A proud father 

R.S. Sandhu

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