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Dont want to be wife who is always ignored anymore! My self respect is important

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It’s ok, if you are not here on this weekend and going out with friends, I have work too. I am going for a new partnership and will come next week.

It’s ok if you ignore me or pretend in front of others that I mean less to you than everyone else, i can’t be feeling bad for myself for the choices you make and the insecurities and wrong dynamics you have.

I was so much ignored by my husband. He came from a family where it was important to get married for social acceptance but not ok to be taking care of your partner!

The men had to be always ignoring their wife! And the wife was supposed to just do things that other already established women in the home wanted!
I never thought such thought processes exist in today! But I, unfortunately, got stuck with them!

I felt isolated! I felt lonely, less, I felt like I was never going to be ok now! I felt the need to cry, to beg but to have my husband’s love anyhow! I felt like my whole life was meaningless now! The bad behavior, the ignorance, the attitude like he had love for everyone but for me, broke me down!

And I was so weak that I didn’t feel l could survive outside this marriage, that divorce was an option!

I joined IWill therapy on the suggestion of a friend! It was in therapy that I was helped to feel worthy despite what was happening to me! I could get the clarity that it’s not me, it’s them! That I had to take my life in my control! My therapist helped me step by step heal myself and focus on things I should be doing, not to cry or be sitting there for people’s judgments, to assert and stand up for myself when I was made to feel like I didn’t matter! 


My therapist helped me to not get involved in family politics, to not consider me less for someone else’s problematic views!

The therapist Helped me to calm down for myself, to take action for myself, to stand tall for myself! 

And today here I am, feeling confident! I know it WAS  my husband’s loss that he couldn’t experience what it is to have a committed partner!

Since I have started prioritizing myself, and being happier, and saying and asserting what I am going through, he has started really changing and supporting me too sometimes... Though he has not been in therapy... What is in store for our relationship is something I am still taking time on! 


But I know it’s key to take care of myself! It’s key to not be ending my happiness for my husband’s ignorance!


I am a full person, not just a wife in my identity!

Mira Bajaj


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