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Finally I ended the marriage which made me invisible

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I was there to serve otherwise I wasn't there.

My needs didn't matter. My need to be loved didn't matter.

My family was always talked about as though they were somehow less than people here.

I was never given the attention as a family member.

I was lonely and devoid of any love and respect

My husband had no time for me. He had friends, family, but not his wife


I was so isolated. So devoid of love.

In my home, my voice, my laughter was so needed. Even if one day would pass, everyone would have pain 

I WAS depressed.

I would cry.

I would ask but nothing would change 

I joined IWill therapy on suggestion of a friend. And it was here that I learnt how much I had ignored myself...


It was like I was judging myself basis people who didn't love me ignoring all the good I did for this long.

It was like I was making myself available for abuse and hurt and also was making myself available for pain and worry. 

I needed to rise above.

I started working and I started taking care of myself.

I started saying no to disrespect.

I started realising my value.

I could see in this marriage. I was just non existing.

I was someone to cook but not to eat a meal with.

I was someone to sleep with but not share dreams with.

I was someone there always visible for mistakes but invisible for needs and love.

I decided to end this marriage. More than that I decided to end my ordeal of pain, of trouble, of being lonely, of not being seen

I decided to stand up for myself when no one stood for me.

Today I am separated

I live in 2 bhk home but it's my place.

I have taken up a job life is tough but it's meaningful.

Even the plants of my home wait for me

My friends come over whenever I am lonely

I am leading a life again. I am feeling alive again.

I had to break a relationship to be seen again, by me! Exist again for me

Marriage is companionship. If there is none, than it is none! 

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