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Many families never let the husband & wife relationship develop and it's worst 

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She again wants to go out with you. She is so demanding. You are so tired and you have work tomorrow. She should feel for you.

Don't go so often to her parents. Socially this is not how it works. Society runs in a way for a reason. A woman has to become a part of a man's family. Not the other way around

As soon as the person wants to spend time with a partner, engage them in something immediately. Happens all the time that it becomes obvious.

On minor things that one partner says, making it look like the person has no respect for their partner and causing differences.

It's painful but sometimes families out of insecurity don't even let the couple spend time romantic time alone and this is done to ensure that no development of deeper feelings happen.


When all this and more happens in many families, the couple bond doesn't get formed.

There is friction, there is heartbreak, denial, fights, and a lack of respect. These emotions and behaviors that set in causing further damage to the relationship.

And the person starts treating their partner as an outsider compared to family and develops a habit and attitude of neglect, secondary treatment for them. 

This is the worst thing to happen because husband and wife are meant to be closest, to share, to trust each other, to love, and to develop such a deep bond that love of it, respect of it, and friendship of it can last to the end of time.

But such insecurity leads to attacks of the family don't allow this partnership to develop.

Rather what develops is a toxic and abusive relationship.

And this is what leads to depression, lack of happiness, lack of emotional growth and life growth in couples specifically many times the wife more often.

At IWill we help couples undo this problematic relationship pattern. Couples are meant to be closest, and families must make space both in mind and life for that.

A husband wife needs to trust and share.

They need to spend time. It's not insensitive. It's needed.

Husband and wife need to have bonds with wife's family too. That's her home. And it will only bring more love.

Husband and wife need space, need alone time. It's not taking someone away from family, it's making a family that a person has already committed to!

At IWill, we build empathy, love, happiness amongst families

and confidence, success, and reflection amongst individuals.  For the life and emotional health you deserve and desire, start IWill therapy today.  It's all online and through sessions.

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