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Signs of a narcissist abuse and how it breaks the partner's emotional health and life everyday

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Being with a narcissist spouse can really damage one's emotional health, mental health, sense of self, happiness and eventually makes a person feel completely absorbed in partner's narrative with diminished identity and no confidence.

What are some of the signs you are in a narcissistic abuse relationship with your spouse

1. It all started with immense love, admiration, making you feel like they treat you better than anyone in this world, showing pain when you are not around. From the very first day on, they make you feel like how they can't share you but it's shown from a side of love, a side of extreme and intense praises, a lot of attention 


2. Then they started showing signs of changing, controlling you, getting uncomfortable with your success may be, people who appreciate you, or love you and they would have started showing anger, tantrums and if they did it too much, they would then make you feel because they love you. Sometimes they even almost beg you to stay.


3. They then started attacking you, your self worth, snide remarks, bringing you down on things you do. They would never be genuinely happy for you, always find one or the other thing that bothers you. They would never be appreciating you. Infact on your big days they will pick up fights, make you cry, make you feel down.

4. They strip you away from people who can take care of you, isolate you and completely force you to have them, mingle in their life, be a part of theirs and not have any relationship with the other side..they gaslight you on other people, friends and even your choices on work are not ok.

5. If they are upset, they will find a way to get back at you, to blame your unhappiness on you, that you are the reason for their misery..there is only blame 

6.you are not free to take your decisions, you have to do what they want you to do. They want you to see exactly fitting in their scheme and even then they are never happy.

7. They ensure that they constantly get validation from you. Without ever giving you validation of any sorts. They destroy you emotionally, mentally, they isolate you, they never listen to you but want you to put up with their endless drama.

But the thing is that if they are so toxic and damaging, why can't a partner leave them.

This is because of their drama, their love, care and display of dependence on you and in many ways they are.

They know they cannot live with everyone who can do so much emotional damage and continue being with them.

They constantly also attack you, make you feel threatened, if you leave them.

And that is why the narcissist abuse continues.

What is important is that you learn how to stand up for yourself. It's important to assert your boundaries. It's important to learn that this damage won't stop. That you need to stand up, do your thing, let them do their drama and not being scared. You need and deserve better.

That is where IWill therapy can help you a lot. First the therapist will help you heal, take small steps to build your confidence again in you, make you feel emotionally confident, take steps to bring value and voice back in your life.

Next they help you with setting boundaries, help you realise your own strength and help you see how you get above their drama.

Therapy become that support to heal you, to help you assert the right way, to stand up for yourself, to be yourself and this is how many are able to get out of these absolutely one sided toxic relationships and if they don't want to do that for whatever reasons, they are able to assert, stop the active abuse and rise above and give it back when needed.

Narcissist abuse is ugly. They remind you of your weaknesses..

They damage you but in the world's eyes they love you.

They have these two masks that they constantly keep switching and it takes a lot of time, sometimes to come to terms with their abuse.

Seek help today. Seek therapy today. You deserve a good and happy life. Please download the app and book sessions today.

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