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Signs you are surrounded by toxic people and that is why you are not doing your best or even mentally exhausted 

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1. There are people around you who always expect things from you, they would shame you on face for not being available say once, but they never are there for you, even when you tell them that they aren't, they continue the same pattern. It is one sided and it continues. 

How it impacts you is that you being the soft one, never speak up. And you feel like you deserve less. You are there more to serve than to be loved and slowly your mind starts putting you and your ambitions last because you are scared of the drama. And this further separation of your self from your goals breaks you. 


2. Toxic people always will be silent on your wins and too loud on your weaknesses 

You will be told indirectly everytime of your weakness, in form of comparison, in form of other things. You will be told how you are not good enough, and everytime you do something good or are praised, you would be attacked. You would be made to feel like you are the last one deserving of any praise. You will have to see the awkwardness or complete ignorance of your achievements on their faces.

Your success needs support but you will have none. And that will make you feel empty or even less sure about whether what you just got was even success or not and worse you would notice them reminding you of your weaknesses, making you feel like you are less.

This will mess up how you think, it will mess up with your brain. And it will mess up with your ability to stay positive about self while also creating a deep seated unmet need for appreciation, for compassion, for love.


3. They will always be talking about you negatively to others no matter what you do.

Nobody around them wants to talk to you. Nobody around them is good to you. And they will gaslight you further in noticing this. You will think there is something wrong with you or these people ignoring or being mean to you but no, in reality it's these people. They are the ones spreading lies about you and telling things that make others hate you. It's not you, and you feel isolated because that is the plan, to isolate you and make you feel less.

4. They will always make you feel alone in their company

Everyone is more special to them. Everyone is more deserving of your attention. Everyone is more valuable. It's just not you. Everyone is more a part of every conversation or you become a part of theirs, it's not important what you want or what you plan.

5. They try and spread lies about you even to your closest people and this breaks you further. Not even having love of someone who really is important to you, breaks you.


Being around toxic people will make you sad, under confident, not so social, not so sure anymore of your capabilities, alone and isolated. It's like you get trapped in the narrative about yourself that they set for you.


Many people are in IWill therapy because they are so depressed and unhappy and beyond broken, unable to achieve in life because of all that is going around.


It's in therapy at IWill that we help them with overcoming the pain, help them stand up, not feel obligated to be in a one sided relationship where there is hurt and pain and not feel valued. It's important to hold your ground. It's important to have respect as you deserve it.

It's important to be valued and if you feel like someone is taking that away, it's important to stand up for what is right. 


If you are going through pain and toxicity, seek help, seek courage to stand up, seek the empathy needed to focus on what is important while not paying attention to what is not worth your time. It's important to detoxify your mind from all the assumptions it holds about itself, because of these people who are toxic to you. 

If you are dealing with toxicity, please start iwill therapy. It can help you a lot in overcoming the pain you are experiencing

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