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Some people are just troublemakers. They enjoy it and completely ruin your mental health

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There was a person in my life who when around would disrupt peace completely.

Why is he cooking? He never cooks.
Why is mummy alone? You guys don’t take care of her.
You didn’t call her? Why did you not do that?
You know they were saying about you that you are not doing well. I told them not to say like that but can’t stop people.
Why are you going outside again? O dinner? Others are also here.
Oh, so you are taking that job? I think you won’t come until evening every day? So home would be like that only every day? What about mummy? Will she have to to take care of home even now?
You must plan kids now! Think about mummy and this is one thing we need from you.

This was a troublemaker person in my life. There was constant drama. They would instigate one person or the other against me. They would want all attention and make others look bad. The person would want attention all the time, dominate and always want to create drama and differences. And this had made my life hell.

They were the ones who were really concerned and wanted to make me look like a bad person who doesn’t care.
Also, they would always attack my freedom and my happiness.

Always creating doubt in others about me, always making us feel bad about small joys and creating trouble in the relationship.

I would be so angry within and yet couldn’t say anything. There was so much drama, so much sarcasm, always making me feel less and low and such poor relationship health due to all this!

This one person impacted completely in that time what mylife was... I felt really hurt, pained and I would cry a lot. My complete mental health was gone for a toss and they had made home environment so toxic!

I joined IWill therapy and it was in therapy that the therapist helped me learn assertion, to speak what is right, to cut the drama, to be straight when it comes to my right.
She also helped me not give this person, their validation, and comments so much attention. What they thought of me, or how they were having so much time and energy to create ruckus was their prerogative. I needed to rise above them...

She also helped me and my partner have a stronger bond. In couple therapy, she helped him see that how he too had a role to play, by not getting bullied, by doing the right thing for me and his family, for being unaffected by drama.

We started ignoring her drama. We stopped feeling bad about the instigation she made. My partner stopped ignoring me out of fear or doing things due to constant drama and attacks...
We stopped making compromises to our happiness...

Their drama still continues but glad they are no takers now for them, neither my partner nor me!


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