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The moment you start believing in self and continue that, whole life changes, success and happiness flows in 

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I now had a strong belief in me.

I believed whatever I do, I will be winning in it.

I believed I can learn and grow and there is no end to my dreams or an expiry.

I believed i had intrinsic worth and I will do things that will make me feel this wayI believed i had intrinsic worth and I will do things that will make me feel this way


When I worked on my belief system, I started working a lot towards my happiness, it acted as a fuel for me to dedicate myself to things that make me happier, make me more successful.

Today I have a great career, after 15 long years of struggle, now I have a career, I can be proud of.

Today I am happy, no one can break my self esteem.

But it wasn't always the case. Due to some hard incidents in life, i has turned so negative for myself, I had internalized that I am not capable, that I am unlucky.

I would be fearful of taking up a job or working.

I would be always thinking that I would fail.

I would always feel that people don't like me.

And the more I thought all this, more this happened.

I lost energy to make changes, I lost the will to try.


I was in a negative spiral. 

The thoughts I had about me would break me 24 7 and take away my ability to work or even get up on some days.


I felt it was all over for me, that i couldn't be successful.

I joined IWill therapy on recommendation of a friend and it was in therapy that therapist helped me to first systematically build a positive attitude for self, seeing myself as capable, having potential and ability to excel.


She helped me see that I missed many opportunities not because I was not capable, but because I stopped believing in myself, I didn't feel I could win it, I always thought others would win.

And I was shaping my own reality as my mind would constantly feel less about self, I would cry. I would look towards miracles to happen and rescue me. But I would never see my power.


Therapist helped me change that.

She helped me stop all the negative noise, helped me distance myself from people who attacked me, set my boundaries and win.


My belief in self made me invest my time in things that would give me results and stay away from negative people and their inputs, insecurities and gestures.

If you are going through this phase, where you have lost faith in yourself, you need to heal, you need to overcome this, you need to truly believe in your potential and cut negative people out.

IWill Therapy will help you a lot to build this belief about yourself stronger internally...

Start therapy to wash off the pain, the dirt, Literally the dirt of other people's negative biases and opinion.

You deserve better.


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